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Livingston Case Study

Long considered the flagship development of the company, the land that became Livingston Estate and the associated development, Livingston Park, was purchased in 1984.


Development Yield:

  • 842 individual dwelling sites
  • 60-dwelling medium-density site
  • Primary school site
  • District shopping centre site
  • Service station site
  • 2 fast-food sites

Development Timeframe

1984 - 2006

Located in the south-east growth corridor of Perth, the land was initially identified as a future rural-residential development. Amex negotiated at both the State and local government levels for the urban rezoning of the land. Ultimately successful, the rezoning process was long and arduous, involving many stakeholders from a wide spectrum of interests. Understanding the needs of these stakeholders while aware of the need for the creation of a successful new community, was paramount during the pre-development years of Livingston.

Being located within an existing, highly degraded swamp, there were many environmental (fauna, flora, flooding, and noise from nearby Jandakot Airport) and infrastructure (sewer and water) issues that had to be resolved during the rezoning process. Development eventually commenced in 1990, some 6 years after acquisition.

Livingston Estate quickly became the benchmark residential development in the Canning Vale area, and indeed in Perth. Initiatives included the upfront provision of a high-quality entrance and parklands, community facilities and social infrastructure – things today that are taken for granted in new estates, but were leading edge in 1990.

Detailed structure planning over the site during the rezoning resulted in a number of ancillary land uses. Amex worked to maximise the value of these sites by either developing them (fast foods and service station) or selling to those that possessed skills to deliver a product that benefited the community as a whole (shopping centre site sold to Woolworths).

Completed in 2006, the legacy that is Livingston is best demonstrated in the number of residents who have upgraded within the estate - not just once, but multiple times over the past 20 years. To Amex, the fact that residents are proud to live in Livingston is the best vote of confidence we can receive.

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