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Ripley Case Study

The Ripley Valley, 35 kilometres south west of Brisbane and 10 kilometres south east of Ipswich, covers an area of 100 square kilometres.


The Valley has long been identified in local planning schemes as a major new settlement area but until recently the initiative had not been taken to progress the areas potential.

In 2003 Amex was one of the first developers to see the potential of the Ripley Valley. Encouraged by the Ipswich City Council, Amex made the first of several strategic purchases in that year. Then, in late 2004, Amex together with three other major landowners joined with the Ipswich City Council and the State Government to form the Ripley Valley Master Planning Taskforce. This Taskforce facilitated one of the largest master planning exercises in Australia, undertaken by a world-class team of national and international consultancies. The result was the Ripley Valley Structure Plan, completed in less than two years, a plan that will deliver a new city of over 120,000 people in 55,000 dwellings over a 30 year period.

Amex was proud to take a lead role in creation of the Structure Plan, which has since been endorsed by the State Government as the first Structure Plan under the South East Queensland Regional Plan and incorporated into the Ipswich City Council planning scheme. The collaborative, Taskforce-lead model is now being employed by the State Government in other growth areas of Queensland to facilitate master plans in those areas.

The Ripley project demonstrates Amex’s strategic, long term thinking. It also demonstrates our commitment to the project and the vision for the Valley - Amex has consistently and actively collaborated with all stakeholders over many years, providing stability and certainty for all involved.

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