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The Amex Ripley Project (ARP) is Amex’s largest project and encompasses approximately 670 hectares in the Ripley Valley.

Providence Ripley Valley

Amex’s newest and largest project has commenced development in the Ripley Valley, 35 km from the Brisbane CBD and 10 km from the Ipswich CBD. The Ripley Valley is one of Australia’s largest urban development areas and will eventually be home to more than 120,000 people in a new city the same size as Cairns.  Amex is very excited to have the largest and most strategically located development areas within the Valley, from which the new town of Providence will grow over the next 15 to 20 years.
Providence will be a complete new town, with neighbourhoods and villages to accommodate roughly 17,000 people.  A full array of community facilities to support these residents including a health hub, all surround a town centre which will be a complete residential/commercial/retail/civic mixed use zone.
The Amex project team is working closely with both the Queensland state government, through Economic Development Queensland, and the Ipswich City Council, to turn a decade-long dream into reality. Providence will not be another suburban development, but a progressive, vibrant and modern new town that brings back true neighbourhood living.
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