Creating Premium Communities
The Amex Way

What is The Amex Way?

We pride ourselves on being:

  • A private, family business - this allows the owners of the business (who work in the business) to implement a long term strategy within a professional yet simple corporate environment.
  • Strategic – we identify properties that have strategic merit, that are well located in established growth corridors and are of significant size.
  • Long term thinkers – we acquire well ahead of the front, apply our skills to value add the project and then develop world class communities. We provide stakeholders with continuity and stability.
  • Trustworthy – we do what we say, we deliver what we promise.
  • Collaborative – the best outcomes are those that all stakeholders have a part in creating.
  • Sustainable – we don’t give this word mere lip service, we strive to achieve what we can from an economic, social and environmental basis.
  • Community focused – the best legacy one can leave is the one that provides generations of people with a happy, healthy and safe place to live their lives. We treat our responsibility in creating these communities very seriously.
  • Respectful – everyone associated with our business or is affected by what we do has a right to be heard and their viewpoints respected.

This is what makes us different – it’s also what provides us with our competitive advantage. Moreover it is also what delivers our primary objective – leaving a legacy that we at Amex would be proud of.